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Hey everybody I'm going to be working on the store today and am looking for suggestions and ideas for ranks and perks ^suggest . On discord or comment below. Your input would help a lot and it's your chance to have what you want in the store *within reason thanks Doragon

If you haven't noticed or are new to our network¬† I have spruced up the website today, and made some major changes to it. ūüėÉ

If you havent already, sign up, and get Member on discord and on the Network for extra perks.

Sign up HERE:

Referrals are here !!


So to refer a friend first you need to make your unique code to do this:

In the lobby server /lobby

Type  /referrals create - this will give you a code to you  take a note off it you will need it.

Next give above code to your friend that you told to come join us and get them to type the command /referrals redeem to redeem the referral.

You can check your code (if you forget it) and how many referrals have been accepted by typing /referrals stats


Hey guys I have been busy coding plugins for our network these will be added and tested this week. One is a DCPlayTime this allows you to view how long you have spent on a server via command /playtime.

The other we are still working on and it's a invite/referral plugin where you will be able to tell us what players you have referred to play on our network this will be placed on the lobby server and the person you refer will need to accept it, we will keep this ongoing and once it goes live with will be giving away some store credit to the person with the most invites/referrals after a set time.

I will also be speaking to my management team about adding some other stuff to so keep an...

Vanilla Server 1.14.X IS HERE it is online use your compass in the lobby and click the map or /server vanilla no plugins but server management plugins and Cross server chat enabled.


/dec Will bring up my easy commands plugin for links 

only commands on there.


Any bugs please report them on discord with -ticket 


**NOTE: you will need to use the 1.14.X client  to make maximum use of this

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